Pinterest, like every year, publishes its insight on the trends expected to come in the upcoming years. What makes Pinterest special is that it is one of the platforms where people come to plan things, so we know their users think of the future compared to other platforms that like to keep us in the past or present.

According to Pinterest analytics, they have on average 445 million people visiting and researching every month.

Based on their current searches here is what you can expect in ’23.

  1. Airy Styles – fashion filled with lace, ruffles, and shimmer
  2. Rust Married– Orange is a new trending color, together with terracotta, copper, and burnt sienna (wedding planning)
  3. Gemini hair – can’t pick one hair color? why not make it 2? Gen Z and Millenials looking to use hues from bright blue, purple, and pink.
  4. Micro-makeover– minimalistic statements with hair and nails
  5. Pool pawties– Dog parties are in trend! Have you ever planned a birthday party for your favorite pets? (Gen x & Boombers)
  6. Chance of showers – Home spa and bathroom decorations? Yes, please! (Gen x & Boombers)
  7. Sci-fi fits – Utopia or dystopia? Futuristic outfits and accessories aesthetics will likely take over the fashion streets.
  8. Rainscapes – eco-friendly gardening, water-conserving or other globally friendly diys will become more popular this year as people’s minds shift towards a “better tomorrow”
  9. Hipstoric home – Got some vintage stuff from your grandmother? Don’t throw it away! Find a way to place it in your modern home.
  10. Primal movement – a sedentary lifestyle should be kicked out! Gen X and Millenials are ordering you to go out and save your spine!
  11. Yolo years– celebrating golden years, no problem.
  12. Wildflours – Flowers on desserts are back!
  13. The fourth trimester – focusing on a new baby and letting go of yourself is no longer IN!
  14. Date different– got bored of basic cinema and restaurant dates? Gen Z is looking for something more fun and adventures
  15. Romcom core – 2000’s romantic comedy-inspired fashion
  16. Mush-rooms – mushroom and fantasy decor & art
  17. Crown care – scalp treatments
  18. Beyond blue and pink – new way of parenting
  19. Now processing– tricks and tips for self-therapy such as journal writing
  20. Free spirits – recipes for cocktails and mocktails
  21. All abroad – sustainable travel
  22. Money moves – ways to take care of your finances, budget challenges such as the currently trending ‘100 envelope challenge’
  23. Good on paper – all kinds of paper crafts such as origami
  24. All the raves– party aesthetics and outfits
  25. Home front – gardening and front door decor
  26. Vitamin seaweed – implementing seaweed and sea superfoods into diets

You can check the full report here.

What can you do with Pinterest predictions for 2023?

So from all the 26 challenging trends, there are a lot of content potential ideas for sure, especially if your business focuses on fashion and cosmetics, however, don’t let this discourage you. These are all great insights into what certain audiences are currently interested in. Try exploring each and one of them and how can you implement them in your business based on your target audience. Next to all the boring details and sales, there is always space for something fun and refreshing.

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