There is always a huge buzz on what to do and what not to do on social media. We found the ultimate no-no’s that you have to avoid when managing your social media accounts and things you should definitely not do! Like, never! No matter if you run a small business or a corporation!

Four things to avoid when managing your social media

There 4 things that you have to avoid at all costs, that could not only hurt your spot in the algorithm but also hurt your reputation! So here is a list to check out!


Yes, we all received (at least once) those messages from random users, pretending to be an agency of some sort offering followers, likes, exposure, or whatever sort of promotion. Not only that they are fake “suppliers” but also will charge you a lot for what you request. Plus the followers are 100% fake.

Believe us, it’s not worth the hassle or the money.

At Shabaqo, several months ago we did a quick test on such “experts” flying into our DMs and email, offering a huge exposure. So here is what we found!

  •  First thing first, don’t even think twice on will it work or not. It won’t! It’s a lie.
  • The second thing you will notice is, the huge amount of “exposure” they will bring you, it’s also nonsense. You promoting yourself won’t bring you not even 1/3 of what you pay for, let alone some “friendly expert” who knows the tricks (which he/she doesn’t).
  •  The third thing you should be aware of is their approach to you. It’s always direct in DM’s (price and exposure listed) and always promising on email (silky smooth yogurt filled with “real” strawberries). Don’t fall for that!
  • The fourth thing you should know is that they will never respond to your question “please send me your results”. Even if, by any likeliness they do, they send sketchy screenshots with the names of accounts blurred.
  • The last thing is that their account name and profile are fake, most likely with one picture, and it’s always something random.


Like we all have family members following the accounts we run, and yes they will most probably like everything you post, asking them or not won’t hurt anyone.

However, running accounts and sending DM’s, and commenting under other pages please like, follow, and share will definitely do damage. First, it will make you look weak and desperate as the manager of the account, and on the other hand, you will make your brand look the same way. So, a big no-no!


Yes, it can be harsh when you see that someone doesn’t like the efforts you put in, but not worth it. Believe us, there is always something good in something bad.

Better for you to lose those followers who no longer find interest in your brand than to have a page full of people trolling your brand and putting bad comments.

Plus, if you lose larger quantities of them, maybe it’s time to revise your strategy on how to bring them back, or even better, gain those that actually care.


Creating content for promoting your product and service is good, so don’t take us wrong. You should do it. But from time to time!

Creating too much such content will be boring for users. They want to see the real stuff, your work, your emotions, places you go to as a team, or things you do from inside. No one just wants to see your products listed and that’s it. This is what the website is for.

According to Guy Kawasaki, a well-known marketing specialist, a 1-20 ratio is the best strategy. This means that on every 20 posts, you should post 1 that promotes your product and service directly.

Let us know about your experience

We always want to hear your opinion. Let us know in the comments below what are your no-no’s when it comes to managing your social media accounts!

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