We Help People own
their Digital Presence.

Our Mission

Assist every entrepreneur who wishes to start their business online. We want to be the right hand to customers from the first day with technical and creative support while providing services such as domain registration, shared web hosting, website design, digital marketing services, and others within Europe and MENA region.

On top of all, we want to make sure that as we grow, we help others in need and give back to the community. 

Our Vision

To be one of the top agencies in Croatia, Turkey, the MENA region, and the world, which provides all-in-one digital services that help brands communicate with the world around them. We want to be a team growing steadily and seeing our clients’ success stories. 

To make things even more challenging for us, we want to build a totally free education platform for those wanting to learn about web design, social media and digital marketing, hosting, and domain names. 


The meaning behind the name

We love our history!

One of our founders is of African heritage, specifically from Sudan, and in order to make it sweet & short, we have decided to give the company an ancient Nubian/Kushite name!

A story about a king named Shabaqo.

Neferkare Shabaka or Shabaqo was the third Kushite pharaoh of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt & Sudan, who reigned from 716 to 702 BC.

At that time Sudan and Egypt were one kingdom called Kingdome of Kushite or Kingdome of Nubia.

Shabaqo succeeded his uncle Shebitku on the throne and adopted the throne name of the Sixth Dynasty ruler Pepi II Neferkare. Shabaqo’s reign was initially dated from 716 BC to 702 BC.

Shabaqa’s reign is significant because he consolidated the Nubian Kingdom’s control over all of Egypt from Nubia down to the Delta region. It also saw an enormous amount of building work undertaken throughout Egypt, especially at the city of Thebes, which he made the capital of his kingdom. In Karnak, he erected a pink granite statue of himself wearing the twin crowns of Egypt!

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