A few days ago, Meta (formally known as Facebook) surprised the world with news about haptic gloves and their continuous investments into AI technology. In March this year, they created a 10-year plan on how their invasion of the future VR glasses and now they are working on something mind-blowing.

In their Reality lab, the team is working on inventing the future of interaction in augmented and virtual reality. The first step is haptic gloves.

Even though there are companies currently working on such technology, they are not officially used.

The future with haptic gloves

What are haptic gloves?

Haptic gloves are sensory gloves combined with a layer of actuators that simulate the feel of tactile feedback to the person wearing them. The more of them on the glove, the more realistic is the feel.

Haptic gloves are gloves that allow you to literally feel virtual objects. This means that while wearing the gloves you can feel the shape of an object in your hand, sense vibrations, and even get a sense of weight.

An early-stage haptic glove research prototype from Reality Labs Research – Photo by Facebook Inc.

Facebook working on haptic gloves

In the video published by Facebook, we can see how that looks like in real life and how in the future we will be able to control objects in the virtual world.

At the moment, the team in Reality Lab is working on making the haptic gloves more prone to sensations and to be lighter in weight.

We hope to hear more updates about the product and hopefully see its launch in the near future!

You can read more about the project here.

The future of AR

If you love technology then we are sure you watched so many sci-fi movies which show the glance of what is to happen in the future and what it brings when it comes to technological advancements. At Shabaqo, we discussed this within the team, and we all agreed to be impressed by hand-controlled screens and virtual table keyboards.

As we can already see, 10 years back, VR glasses were all just a big dream without purpose. And today, it’s everywhere!  Can you imagine what our digital world will look like 20 years from now?


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