Digital Lab

Shabaqo digital lab is part of our team’s digital creative agency in UAE. 

Our responsibility is to help brands start their journey of brand identity, storytelling, and communication with the world. No matter who your target audience is, on social media we are all just people with different interests.

Our team focuses on services such as brand marketing, content creation, and digital and social media marketing. We operate from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but the sky is our only limit.

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Digital Lab Team .

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is about strengthening the value of your business’s intangible assets by strategically managing customer perceptions. It is an investment in creating and protecting your brand with utmost care.
Shabaqo is a growth-driven digital agency in UAE and our digital lab specializes in logo design, market research, and social media image and identity strategy. We create all the building blocks for a strong, coherent brand identity

Content Marketing

Content marketing is today one of the most important activities to retain customer attention.  Creating memorable social and digital content is something people will talk about or share with their friends.
That’s why we have assembled a team of artists at our digital media agency to help you bring your story to life and translate it into beautiful experiences on social media. We believe digital and social marketing is about relationships first!

Digital Marketing

Communicating and reaching the right audience with the right message through digital marketing can be challenging. When it comes to digital advertising, knowing how and where and who is part of our daily tasks.
The team of soulful content writers in Dubai and data analysts along with our digital artists will combine their knowledge to bring you closer to your customers in UAE, Europe, or the rest of the world. The digital marketing team is here for you.

Social Media Marketing

Today, social media marketing is everything. If you aren’t on social media, you do not exist. Our focus is social media comes first. Communication is what you need, and social is your space for it.
At Shabaqo, we have a specialized team of community managers, digital content creators, content writers, and behavioral analysts who will help you step up your game and build your audience in any region of your company. 
artistic marketing
artistic marketing

Client customization marketing plans​

At Shabaqo we have several pricing models when it comes to marketing services. We believe in customization and we want to make sure that each client most importantly receives what they need. The best way for us to create a plan for your business is to request a quotation so we can find out more about your marketing needs. 

Why choosing Shabaqo Digital lab?

We don't like to compare ourselves with anyone, nor give you empty promises at our digital agency. Our team is filled with talents and people who spent years learning about digital, social, and branding marketing. We can assure you that this same team will give their heart and soul to your company. First and foremost, we are the only 360° digital agency in UAE that specializes in startups and small to medium businesses.

Talk to a Digital Lab representitive

If you are interested in any of the digital services, feel free to drop us an email and we will be happy to help.
This is your space to chat, discuss or/and request a quotation. We are waiting on your message.

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