The EXPO 2020! This global event is of tremendous significance and will bring together the best of science and technology from all over the world. In case you didn’t know but EXPO was supposed to be held last year but due to the COVID-19 pandemic Expo was postponed for this year, however, organizers decided to keep the original name as they invested a lot in the marketing and branding of the event.

The forefront of evolution and innovation

Dubai is the host of Expo 2020, and this event is taking place from October 2021 until March 2022. The Expo is designed to showcase how new technologies can be used to improve lives and create economic opportunities for all.

Dubai has always been at the forefront of evolution and innovation, leading the way in creative industries, smart solutions, and new technologies. EXPO 2020 Dubai will offer a stage for showcasing these advances to an international audience of millions.

The expo debuts in a new neighborhood also reachable with a new direct metro line which was specifically built for this event. This years’ expo provides a glimpse into how we might live and work in 10 years’ time, as well as showcasing technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

Expanding on this idea of future cities, innovative ideas such as autonomous vehicles could be showcased. This may include self-driving buses or autonomous taxis that people could use to move around the city.

There are three major pavilions. The Opportunity Pavilion is designed by AGi Architects, the Mobility by Foster and Partners, and Sustainability by Grimshaw Architects. There are many exhibits to explore including interactive ones showcasing the future for consumers and business leaders alike.

Which countries are participating in EXPO2020?

You wouldn’t believe it but there will be more than 1,000 companies from 125 countries exhibiting their innovations at this expo. This is the perfect place to meet all of the most innovative people in one place from almost every country in the world. Isn’t this exciting?

Here is a whole list of all participating countries and the theme of their participation.

# Name Theme
1  Albania Mobility
2  Algeria Mobility
3  Angola Mobility
4  Antigua and Barbuda Mobility
5  Australia Mobility
6  Barbados Mobility
7  Belgium Mobility
8  Bolivia Mobility
9  Botswana Mobility
10  Bulgaria Mobility
11 Cape Verde Cabo Verde Mobility
12  Chile Mobility
13  Costa Rica Mobility
14  Croatia Mobility
15  Denmark Mobility
16  Djibouti Mobility
17  Dominica Mobility
18  Dominican Republic Mobility
19  El Salvador Mobility
20  Eritrea Mobility
21  Estonia Mobility
22  Eswatini Mobility
23  Finland Mobility
24  France Mobility
25  Gambia Mobility
26  Grenada Mobility
27  Haiti Mobility
28   Holy See Mobility
29  Hungary Mobility
30  Iran Mobility
31  Ireland Mobility
32 Ivory Coast Côte d’Ivoire Mobility
33  Jamaica Mobility
34  Jordan Mobility
35  Kiribati Mobility
36  Kosovo Mobility
37  Laos Mobility
38  Libya Mobility
39  Mauritania Mobility
40  Mexico Mobility
41  Micronesia Mobility
42  Mongolia Mobility
43  Nauru Mobility
44    Nepal Mobility
45  Nicaragua Mobility
46  Niger Mobility
47  North Macedonia Mobility
48  Oman Mobility
49  Palau Mobility
50  Panama Mobility
51  Paraguay Mobility
52  Peru Mobility
53  Poland Mobility
54  Russia Mobility
55  Senegal Mobility
56  Serbia Mobility
57  Slovakia Mobility
58  South Korea Mobility
59  Sudan Mobility
60  Syria Mobility
61  Tanzania Mobility
62  Thailand Mobility
63  Togo Mobility
64  Trinidad and Tobago Mobility
65  Turkmenistan Mobility
66  Tuvalu Mobility
67  Uruguay Mobility
68  Vanuatu Mobility
69  Afghanistan Opportunity
70  Argentina Opportunity
71  Armenia Opportunity
72  Austria Opportunity
73  Bahrain Opportunity
74  Belarus Opportunity
75  Belize Opportunity
76  Bhutan Opportunity
77  Bosnia and Herzegovina Opportunity
78  Brunei Opportunity
79  Burundi Opportunity
80  Cameroon Opportunity
81  Chad Opportunity
82  China Opportunity
83  Colombia Opportunity
84  Congo Opportunity
85  Cyprus Opportunity
86  DR Congo Opportunity
87 East Timor Timor-Leste Opportunity
88  Egypt Opportunity
89  Ethiopia Opportunity
90  Fiji Opportunity
91  Ghana Opportunity
92  Guatemala Opportunity
93  Guinea-Bissau Opportunity
94  Guyana Opportunity
95  Honduras Opportunity
96  India Opportunity
97  Indonesia Opportunity
98  Iraq Opportunity
99  Israel Opportunity
100  Italy Opportunity
101  Japan Opportunity
102  Kazakhstan Opportunity
103  Kenya Opportunity
104  Kyrgyzstan Opportunity
105  Latvia Opportunity
106  Lebanon Opportunity
107  Liberia Opportunity
108  Luxembourg Opportunity
109  Malawi Opportunity
110  Mali Opportunity
111  Malta Opportunity
112  Marshall Islands Opportunity
113  Mauritius Opportunity
114  Monaco Opportunity
115  Morocco Opportunity
116  Myanmar Opportunity
117  Namibia Opportunity
118  Nigeria Opportunity
119  Norway Opportunity
120  Pakistan Opportunity
121  Palestine Opportunity
122  Qatar Opportunity
123  Rwanda Opportunity
124  Saint Lucia Opportunity
125  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Opportunity
126  Samoa Opportunity
127  San Marino Opportunity
128  Saudi Arabia Opportunity
129  Sierra Leone Opportunity
130  Solomon Islands Opportunity
131  Somalia Opportunity
132  South Africa Opportunity
133  South Sudan Opportunity
134  Sri Lanka Opportunity
135   Switzerland Opportunity
136  Tonga Opportunity
137  Tunisia Opportunity
138  Uganda Opportunity
139  Ukraine Opportunity
140  United Arab Emirates Opportunity
141  United Kingdom Opportunity
142  United States Opportunity
143  Venezuela Opportunity
144  Vietnam Opportunity
145  Zambia Opportunity
146  Zimbabwe Opportunity
147  Andorra Sustainability
148  Azerbaijan Sustainability
149  Bahamas Sustainability
150  Bangladesh Sustainability
151  Benin Sustainability
152  Brazil Sustainability
153  Burkina Faso Sustainability
154  Cambodia Sustainability
155  Canada Sustainability
156  The central African Republic Sustainability
157  Comoros Sustainability
158  Cuba Sustainability
159  Czech Republic Sustainability
160  Equatorial Guinea Sustainability
161  Gabon Sustainability
162  Georgia Sustainability
163  Germany Sustainability
164  Greece Sustainability
165  Guinea Sustainability
166  Kuwait Sustainability
167  Lesotho Sustainability
168  Lithuania Sustainability
169  Madagascar Sustainability
170  Malaysia Sustainability
171  Maldives Sustainability
172  Montenegro Sustainability
173  Mozambique Sustainability
174  Netherlands Sustainability
175  New Zealand Sustainability
176  Papua New Guinea Sustainability
177  Philippines Sustainability
178  Portugal Sustainability
179  Romania Sustainability
180  Saint Kitts and Nevis Sustainability
181  São Tomé and Príncipe Sustainability
182  Seychelles Sustainability
183  Singapore Sustainability
184  Slovenia Sustainability
185  Spain Sustainability
186  Suriname Sustainability
187  Sweden Sustainability
188  Tajikistan Sustainability
189  Uzbekistan Sustainability
190  Yemen Sustainability

The Expo 2020 partners

The Expo 2020 partners are the people that are helping to make Expo 2020 come to life. They are all working together to collectively build a better world by improving the industry, creating new technologies, and fostering innovation.

  1. Accenture
  2. Cisco
  3. DP World
  4. Emirates NBD
  5. Etisalat
  6. Emirates
  7. G42
  8. Mastercard
  9. Nissan
  10. Pepsico
  11. SAP
  12. Siemens
  13. Terminus

The beauty of cultural connection

We are so happy that our start-up is following the example of the development of this city and the country itself. Their support towards technological improvements is a push to make changes and make the world a better place.

For this Expo, we agreed on a partnership with a Sudanese travel agency AlThana as “Shabaqo” is originally a name of a well-known Nubian King (today Sudan and Egypt). We believe in the beauty of connecting culturally, and both sides are excited to show you the work we have done together. Stay tuned as we will talk about it very soon!

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