We have been expecting this for a very long time, but now it is here!  Instagram finally tests the Reel favored feed.

As part of the beta testers, Shabaqo received BIG news coming from a test account.

A lot of different tests by Instagram have been coming up to many different users over the past few months, but we told you that we are expecting one of the biggest changes to the platform. The era of 1080×1080 px posts is over, and the new era of Reel first is coming.

Here is what your feed will look like in the future!

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When exactly will this happen? We aren’t sure, but guessing based on the speed of the latest updates, it should be here any time soon. A few months ago, we received an announcement regarding the Feed update that will supposedly change everything. Although we heard only negative feedback regarding it, the new update to the feed display is interesting.

Soon, we will see both video and image-based in the Reel format.

Will this bring more success to Instagram against competitor Tik Tok or will this create more issues for its current users, we are yet to see!

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