Yes, you heard it right! Shabaqo is expanding!

As we are growing, we decided it is time to introduce something new and something different! Although we prepared many surprises for this year, the first one that will come to realization is Shabaqo FM.

About Shabaqo FM

Shabaqo FM is the ultimate podcast for small business owners!  Featuring exclusive interviews and conversations with small to medium business owners around the world, sharing tips and tricks about the world of entrepreneurship and a great space to talk about your business.

This project and podcast will allow us to make our dream and mission come true, which is supporting small to medium businesses and giving them an opportunity to shine. On top of all, we wanted to create a space for businesses to promote themselves and share tips and problems with one another.

The podcast will be available on platforms such as Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts, and many more. Make sure to follow our official Instagram and Facebook page to be the first to hear the episodes. The link will be available very soon!

Small business crew

Together with the podcast, we have officially opened a Facebook group dedicated to small business owners, called  Small business crew. You can join the group at any stage of your business journey, no matter if you are just registering your business or you are an old-timer. Everyone is welcome.

The group was created as a space for discussion, tips and tricks, and a place for seeking help or advice in any part of day-to-day operations, and is open to considerate self-promotion with the approval of admins.

You are more than welcome to invite people like yourself into the group and share it with others.

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Inviting Small business owners

We are inviting all small to medium business owners who would like to talk about their businesses to reach out to us! We want to hear from you!

Don’t worry, participating in the podcast is completely FREE and there are no hidden fees or requests!

Feel free to contact us on our social media or send us an email on or to our co-founder

We can’t wait to meet you! 🙂

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