Since the announcement about the takeover of Twitter by multi-billionaire Elon Musk, many wonder what changes will be implemented on this popular social media platform.

Of many sweet and short announcements on his Twitter profile, one definitely stood out! The newest changes to Twitter might ruin plans for many small to medium businesses already struggling with budgets and exposure due to so many algorithm changes.

For the past few years, we have seen a huge twist with both Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when it comes to algorithm changes which ended up being a huge cost for many businesses. These changes affected the ability to reach new audiences, raise engagements and distribute content to existing ones. So we wonder, how may a newly opened small business with a small budget fight already famous brands such as Coca Cola (which has 100 same accounts with different locations) or Apple.

The answer is definitely not positive for sure, and that will change even more once Twitter’s new owner imposes new rules.

Announced changes on Twitter

  1. What is allowed and not allowed on Twitter (content)
  2. Free speech
  3. Get rid of scammers (especially crypto related)
  4. Include the edit button for Tweets
  5. Make Twitter’s algorithm open-source
  6. Charge commercial and governmental users for usage

Elon Musk to charge commercial and governmental users of Twitter

Why is that a problem?

Many small to medium businesses struggle already. The new boom of SMEs during Covid resulted in an increase in e-commerce business but also alternative digital coms. This not only increased the overall offer of products on the market, which is good when it comes to decreasing monopoly and increasing diversity of products but in the end, it increased the number of new users and business pages on social media platforms.

The increase of profiles + hilarious changes imposed in the algorithm is affecting businesses to reach audiences organically. So we went from the survival of the fittest to survival of the richest.

And okay, cool, we get it, everyone wants to earn something, but how is that fair for the market diversity?

Another huge issue is content. So-called content creators reproduce the same content over and over again, spamming the platforms with unnecessary similar information,  provoking posts that produce anger and unpleasant feeling, in the end, affecting those who are actually trying to create better.

Even the newest changes announced by Instagram regarding new feed updates brought nothing new, and it’s honestly a waste of time. Shabaqo team, as part of the Beta testers program, got to “taste” the new Instagram update regarding news feeds, and we don’t see it working properly at all, but we will discuss this in the new article soon.

And now what?

Elon Musk is trying to make it harder for them enough by charging those small businesses to even show up on Twitter and get 50 impressions per post? 

So how about he chargers only those he praises the most? His own companies should be the first candidates, Bitcoin and other luxury and world-famous brands?

Yes okay, include the government! Yes, include the biggest media outlets which are in close relationship with governments! But also control them from promoting propaganda, and please leave SMEs alone.

It would be only fair, right?

Tell us what you think!

We want to know your thoughts on Twitter’s changes imposed by Elon Musk? How do you see your SME struggling with new changes brought onto social media?

Let us know in the comments below or join the discussions on our social media channels.

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