It has been a while since the news came out, from different sources, that Netflix is starting a gaming service within its existing SVOD platform to improve user interaction.

Many other platforms (such as HBO, Disney +…) saw huge growth with a whole COVID-19 pandemic situation and as the SVOD market is becoming more and more saturated, Netflix is searching for a solution.

A few days back we heard the news from Facebook on expanding towards metaverse and AI, and now we believe Netflix is searching its way back to the top.

Netflix Games

On November 2nd, Netflix published an interesting article announcing the start of its gaming service for mobile devices.

Based on what we can see, users will be able to play games related to one of the biggest Netflix titles such as Stranger Things, Squid Game, and many others.

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Gif  Source -Netflix

Here is all you should know about Netflix Games

1. Netflix games are available through your existing subscription ( no mention about which plan) but apparently, there will be no ads, no additional fees, and no in-app purchases.

2. Mobile games are currently available on Android and iOS devices when you log into your Netflix profile.

3. Apparently it is available globally however, we tested the same feature in 2 different regions and nothing about the games is popping out.

4. Games available only for adult profiles, to protect kids from violence exposure.

Netflix Games Testing in UAE

Based on our source, there is currently Netflix internet speed testing in the United Arab Emirates.  There is not a lot of information about it, as testers know only a few words but based on the description and tools used, it all indicates that the test is powered by Netflix.

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If you already don’t know, UAE is a perfect place to test such services and platforms due to the best 5G network speed in the world. This is why we believe that Netflix chooses to test its services right here and soon to start its Netflix Gaming for the already well know market when it comes to tech advancements and e-sports.


As soon as we have more information, we will be updating you about it within this article.

Netflix Games Available in UAE and Croatia

17.11.2021 – The app has been updated, the new feature is here for the users in the Republic of Croatia and the United Arab Emirates. People can now play games through the Netflix app after they download it from the Android or IOS store!

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