Holidays are approaching, and the time for a new mobile-first video strategy arising is almost here. How to impress an audience and get your shop cart ringing we find out in the newest Facebook update for mobile-first video strategy. In this article we will cover the following: 1. Using mobile-first for video content 2. The best practice for mobile-first video 3. Content strategy for the holiday season 4. How to reach your audience? 5. How to make attractive videos? Which tools should you use?

Using mobile-first for video content

In the past year, we saw a huge rise in usage of mobile-first content, and we are guessing that it is almost the end of “traditional” content practices. People are spending more time on their phones and in the same expected to see more mobile-friendly content too. According to Facebook, users view content and mobile-friendly video 5 times more than static images. So for companies to drive engagement, they should focus on vertical. We advise you, to make customers more comfortable viewing your content, to try changing the standard 1080*1080 px (which is mobile-friendly content but in a square shape and does not overtake the viewer’s eye-sight significantly). Try implementing 1080*1350px. The same Instagram sizing goes for static images or video format and they work well on Facebook too!
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Instagram sizing concept

The best practice for mobile-first video

In case you are wondering what is the best practice for mobile-first video, here is a quick explanation. 1. Be short – 15 seconds maximum 2. Try both sizing concepts – vertical or squared 3. The key message should be in the first 3 seconds of the video 4. No need for sound-on- audience prefers muted videos

Content strategy for the holiday season

We are approaching one of the biggest holiday seasons with a load of opportunities to stand out. Consider what your business can do depending on the industry of your business for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and of course, New Year.

Creative Holiday concept

There are so many things you can do regarding holiday content creation. Check out what are the latest trends within your industry or try out something completely new. If you are totally out of ideas, there is a great platform you can check out to spark your ideas or even get someone of the existing templates. We know that time is the key, especially when all these big opportunities are here and time is flying fast.

Targeting audience in holidays

The best way to target an audience at the time of the holidays is to focus on your existing audience with ad campaigns and lookalike audiences. According to Facebook’s latest report, they are a safe and proofed audience when it comes to quick sales.

Timing to the target audience in the holiday season

Facebook suggests in this case to start as early as possible, probably within November. We suggest you prepare your audience for the big things and use a lot of teasers to grab their attention before bigger brands enter with their huge deals and discounts.

How to reach your audience during the holiday season?

As we mentioned, today’s audience spends the most time on their phones and social media. When it comes to holidays, most shopping online is done through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Use the opportunity to advertise on every platform possible based on your customers. Focus on both feed and stories, and also don’t forget to link them back to your website or shop.

How to make attractive video content? Which tools should you use?

There is a variety of platforms today which offer a great deal of premade templates or tools to make your content spark this holiday. You can choose to make them yourself or put some time into investigating the competition when it comes to visuals. If you have everything ready but no words can express your offers then try some AI writing tools to help you spark them so you don’t have to pull out your favorite dictionary.
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