Things you need to know about Shared web hosting

What is shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting is where multiple websites or web-based applications share a single web server connected to the internet, this is the most economical solution for startups and small to medium businesses.

How does shared web hosting work?

Resources on the server such as bandwidth, disk space, CPU and memory are being shared across multiple accounts, each account holds a portion of the server resources depending on the package they are subscribed to.

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What is the difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting?

Cloud hosting or cloud computing is where multiple shared servers combined to create a single host, in other words it allows you to host your resources such as a website or a web application across multiple shared servers under a single account or host.

Shared web hosting is hosting multiple websites or web-based applications under a single shared server, where each account has a specific portion of the server depending on the package they are subscribed to.

Is shared hosting secure?

Just like any other hosting services, you will need to add security to your website or web application, however the server that Is being shared is most often secure by default and you do not have to worry about your server’s security, such as Shabaqo shared web hosting!

Shared web hosting advantages?

  • Low cost:

With the solution of sharing a single server across multiple users comes the great benefit of a low-cost solution of shared web hosting with almost the same benefits that you get from the dedicated server, virtual Private server or cloud server.

  • Ease of use and simplicity:

Shared web hosting is very easy to deal with and straightforward, with a bit of knowledge in web server application you will be able to manage your hosting account as the main server is being handled by the service provider.

What is the operating system that shared web hosting uses?

Most of the service providers for shared web hosting offers Windows and Linux.

Linux vs Windows shared web hosting, which one is the most popular and why?

Linux-based shared web hosting is the most popular operating system, it has more features and applications for web developers to use, it is the best hosting solution for startups and small to medium business.

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