Hashtags have been here for a while now, however many still struggle to find a perfect concept for the hashtag strategy. It is not easy to determine what fits the best for your brand, how many users are actively seeking and following this specific keyword.

To make it easier for all those small businesses struggling to find the last-minute hashtag strategy we prepared a simple guide for you to follow when looking to increase your organic engagement on all social media channels.

We will talk about:

1.  The Ultimate Hashtag Guide

2.  Facebook Hashtag Strategy

3.  Instagram Hashtag Strategy

4. Twitter Hashtag Strategy

5.  LinkedIn Hashtag Strategy.

The Ultimate Hashtag Guide

Why are hashtags such a big deal and why do we need them? Well, all of the platforms are simply run by topics and interests of the audience. This drives people to stay longer on them and find what they are looking for.

To make sure this works, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others use them to keep the audience engaged by what they like. Some people use random hashtags to reach more likes and some actually create concepts to attract the perfect audience. This involves businesses too.

Why do we use hashtags?

There are two main reasons:

1. Reach visibility

2. Let platforms categorize your content per member interests

How to create the best hashtag strategy?

Here are 4 simples steps you need to follow to make sure that your strategy works.

1. Check what hashtags are active

Simply use any generator online to check what is the current count of followers based on this hashtag. There are many free sources providing general close information based on how many people are currently interacting with a specific keyword. Another thing you can do is visit any of the platforms and simply search for a topic of your industry or based on your target interest. For example, for Shabaqo we would look for #webdesign or #smallbusinessowner

2. Find your niche

Once you established which hashtags are active within your industry and based on audience interests, determine which hashtags are relevant for your industry and hashtags that your competitors use. List as many as possible so that you can use them in the future when combining your content-specific hashtags.

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3. Look for content relevant hashtags

Once you gathered hashtags based on industry, let’s find those that are relevant for the message you are trying to send across with your content. Let’s say you are selling freshly, by order, made cakes for celebrations. What your content relevant hashtag would be for a picture of a boy holding his birthday cake while having a huge smiley would be something like #birthdayboy, #kidsjoy, or #cakebringshappiness

4. Mix them all up!

Now as the last step, all you have to do is bring them all together. At Shabaqo we love to use a strategy called 4-6-12.

4- industry-specific frequent hashtags

6- industry-related hashtags

12- content relavant hashtags

If you would like to use all of the 30 max hashtags available (for Instagram specifically) you could do anything between 3-5 industry-specific frequent hashtags, 6-8 industry-related hashtags, and 12-16 content relevant hashtags.

Facebook Hashtag Strategy

When it comes to the Facebook Hashtag strategy, all you need to focus on it to not to overcrowd your posts with too many of them. The best thing you could do is to implement them within the post itself. The best is between 3-5 relevant hashtags and keywords that you can fit in within your copy, however, 2-3 more at the end wouldn’t hurt.

Here is an example:

Instagram Hashtag Strategy

On the other hand, the Instagram Hashtag strategy is much different than on any other platform. As we mentioned under the Ultimate Hashtag Strategy,  you could use anywhere between 0-30 hashtags per post. The most important is to test as many as possible and see which hashtag performs better for you. It might take some time to reach the audience so do not get discouraged. We have all been there, especially when you are starting small. Try to find what your audience would actually like.

Twitter Hashtag Strategy

Twitter Hashtags have been there for longer than we could remember. Whatever it’s trending, it’s probably on Twitter. When it comes to strategy here is very simple as Twitter recognizes a lot of keywords within your post without even implementing hashtags, however, when you start as small the best thing you could do is use hashtags that are currently trending within your topic or interests of the audience. Do not put random keywords just to get more likes and retweets as it will not help. Use 2-5 hashtags per post.

LinkedIn Hashtag Strategy

LinkedIn, just like Twitter recognizes a  big number of keywords you use within your posts, however, hashtags would help you to increase the number of impressions as people like similar content to yours. We recommend 3-5 hashtags for each post.


In the end, we would like to mention that there has never been a perfect hashtag strategy. The algorithms are changing from day to day and more and more spammy content is appearing. For this reason, hashtags are also being spammed by unrelated content. Try things out and if you need help from an experienced team, we are here for you.

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