Youtube launched and served us with a new global YouTube Trends report focused on Gen Z viewers and creators.

After the pandemic influenced social media, creators, and viewers, Youtube decided to roll up its sleeves and put all its focus on analyzing its stats.

Throughout the pandemic, we analyzed trends on YouTube to better understand the impact of video. We discovered that video can create a powerful sense of connection, which makes it an indispensable part of our lives.

A survey in 10 countries was sent out and the top trends were analyzed to find out what everyone is buzzing about these days in pop culture. Here is what they found out and how can this help your business.

#3 different forms of content creativity

The survey brought some interesting data, and one of them is that 65% of Gen Z states that personal and relevant content targeted individually is far more important than the content that is focused on everyone and that people talk a lot about. Of all sorts of content, 3 different forms of content creativity trends came out to be the most dominant.

Community Creativity

Communities and/or fandoms, incredible groups of people sharing a common interest or online identity, share a huge portion of the Youtube audience. From beauty and make-up, dancing, and choreography all the way to celebrities.  61% of Gen Z describes themselves as a fan or a superfan of some sort of topic or someone.

Youtube became one of the most important platforms for community culture and expression.

Multi-format Creativity

With the raise of Tik Tok and Reels, the short format content concept is moving to Youtube as well. Producing both long and short content, allowed users to interact with content creators in many ways. 59% of Gen Z claims to be using short video platforms to discover new things to watch. 

However, not only short content is what brings the audience to Youtube. Creators use many platforms to speak to their fans and reach new ones. Hybrid content creators are everywhere now, especially gamers who bring their audiences through live streaming on platforms such as Twitch, showcase their insights on TikTok, and create challenges on Youtube.

Together with hybrid content, with the wide spread of Metaverse, content creators also embarked on interesting adventures with their avatars. In the Middle East and North Africa, during Ramadan, many creators virtually fasted with their characters.

Responsive Creativity

With the pandemic, like with everything, there with changes in content production as well. Youtube in its report noted a huge increase in relaxation and ASMR content which helps audiences to satisfy their emotional and psychological needs. Over 90% of  Gen Z watched such content.

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How can Youtube Gen Z report help your business?

Businesses especially product-based ones can find a huge space for growth. Video-based content is increasing daily and with the emergence of new cultures and platforms, businesses have far more opportunities to showcase their products, and services in creative concepts by participating in the newest trends, building communities around similar audiences, sharing content across different platforms and in the same time satisfy their needs. Especially their needs, as they are one of the key influences on the increase of sales and overall brand satisfaction.

We have already written an article on a similar topic “How to reach a Gen Z audience for my business?”  where we discuss the importance of Gen Z for your business and how to ease the struggle of reaching them out. Read more about Gen Z and the actions you should take as a business here.

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