Things you need to know about WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a website builder platform; it is easy to use and fixable with what you need.

Are WordPress themes free?

Some WordPress themes are free, but not all of them are good nor secure, it is always better to pay for the theme you like.

Here are some of the free themes that are currently available:

  • Astra.
  • Botiga.
  • Goldy.

Are WordPress sites secure?

Like all other websites, you will need to add security to your WordPress website to prevent it from being hacked, here are some of the security measures you can add to your WordPress Website to keep it safe and secure:

  • Installing an SSL Certificate.
  • Adding a Firewall to your server.
  • Installing a plugin to add security to your WordPress website

Are WordPress plugins safe?

Not all of them, some of them has tracking tools to check your data, when looking for a new plugin on to add a function to your WordPress website, always look for the number of active installations and ratings on the plugin and pick the highest number of active installation to add on your WordPress website.

Can a WordPress website be hacked?

Yes, in fact you need to add as much security as you can to secure your WordPress website.

If you need help securing your WordPress Website, contact us!

Can WordPress have multiple administrators?

Yes, you can add more administrators to your WordPress website from the “Users” tab on your admin panel.

When to use a page or a post on a WordPress website?

You use a page when you are building your site structure and main pages of the website such as Home, Contact us, Services, or About us.

And for post type pages, is for your articles.

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How to track a WordPress website visits?

You can track your WordPress website progress using google analytic tool, it’s the best in WordPress in tracking website activity and visits.

or you can also download a plugin on your WordPress installation if you would like to view the progress on your admin dashboard such as (MonsterInsights).

Can you transform a WordPress website to a mobile application?

Yes, some WordPress themes have the same version of the theme as a mobile application, and you can also use online tools to transform your website to a mobile application, such as Convertify.

WordPress guide and Main tabs:

When you first login to your WordPress website admin panel you will see the following.


It contains general information about your WordPress website such as “Site Health”, “Activity” and the number of posts and pages you have on your site under a window called “At a Glance”

And depending on the plugins you add to your WordPress website you will see more windows showing here.

If you see that your Dashboard/Home tab is getting crowded, you can always reduce the number of windows there by selecting and deselecting the required and non-required widows from a tab called “Screen Options”, you will find it on the top right side of your admin panel.


This is where you can publish your articles add a new one or manage your WordPress articles, WordPress categories and WordPress tags.


This is all your uploaded images and videos are, make sure that you delete unused images and videos as they often slow down your website, and a slow WordPress website is not good for your SEO nor your customers.


This is where all your main pages located, you can add, remove or edit the pages from there.


This is where you can install or upload a theme to your WordPress installation, and also control the menus of your website.


This is where you can install or upload a new plugin.


You can add remove or modify a user from this section of your WordPress admin panel.


Is where all your main settings of your WordPress installation are.

And depending on the plugin that you have installed on your WordPress installation, there will be a new tab or a subtab on your WordPress admin menu.

It is true that this is a website builder and easy to use, but it will be much easier to give it to an expert to design it the best way to optimize the speed of the website, modify it depending on your vision, or even work on your WordPress SEO, contact us and we will help you with that!

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